How to start a healthy lifestyle when you have no motivation

It’s to feel demotivated sometimes considering the world we live in today. Frowning faces everywhere, condemning eyes penetrating our soul and negativity embracing our thoughts. We are basically surrounded by negative energy and it sometimes steals our motivation away.

However, negativity isn’t the only reason why we feel demotivated. Sometimes we all feel like we don’t want to do anything. And that’s okay too. Are you feeling like motivation is draining out of your life lately? Maybe you suffered a failure or faced difficulties that made you quit too soon on your goals?

We’re here to help you get on your feet again! All you have to do is have the desire to start a healthy lifestyle and head toward your goals. However, you have to do it right this time. Keep reading and learn how to start a healthy and fulfilled life when you have no motivation.

Remember why you wanted to achieve what you’ve started at first

If you wanted to start a healthy lifestyle but gave up due to unknown reasons, ask yourself a question. ‘Why do I wanted to achieve this at first place?’ You will be surprised how motivation will strike you like a lighting again. This question has the power to boost your motivation by letting you know you’ve failed. However, you won’t let that happen and you will continue fighting. Fighting to get what you want in life is the first step to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Visualize your success and fulfilled life but also visualize your future regrets if you don’t try harder to get it

Succes is a part of healthy lifestyle. Why? Because it makes us feel powerful, valuable and gives our life a purpose. Achieving success makes us fight for something we believe in. In order to achieve success and lead a healthy life, learn how to visualize. Visualization is the key to success.

You first visualize what you want to get. After, you make a detailed plan on how to get it and work hard. At the end, all your effort will eventually pay off. If not today, someday. However, it’s not necessary to only visualize your future success but your future regrets as well. Imagine how devastated would you feel one day when you remember that you could have done something for yourself. However, you chose to give up. Never give up!

Surround yourself with positive people and embrace positive energy

Being surrounded by negative people makes your everyday life take a wrong course, the negative course. You can stop it by avoiding the negative people and surround yourself with positive people. They will transfer their positivity to you and your life will instantly become better. Positivity is one of the main keys to leading a healthy lifestyle. Negativity is the way to failure and misery.

Find motivation in others. Chose a role model and aim to overcome their success

Whenever you feel demotivated, try to find motivation in others. Chose a role model like a family member you admire or some actor, singer, sports who leads a healthy lifestyle. Chose someone successful and aim to overcome their success. That way you will stay motivated until you get what you want and on top of all – you will lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Dream big but start small and start today!

No matter what your goal is, dream big! Do you want to lose weight? Aim to look like a model. Do you want to eat healthily? Inform yourself and become a food expert! Go vegan or vegetarian! Do you want to achieve your childhood dreams? You can do it but you have to believe that you can do it and allow yourself to dream bigger than before. However, always start with small steps and don’t wait for the perfect day to start. Today is the perfect day! Start today!

Use your actions to boost motivation and not the other way around

Instead of waiting for motivation to come to you, head toward motivation! Use your actions to boost motivation and not the other way around. Motivation comes while one is working. Start working on yourself and start a healthy lifestyle today! And remember, you can’t give up until you get what you want!

Foods That Can Help Boost Your Memory

Did you know there are certain foods that can help boost your memory? If you didn’t, now you know. Studies have shown some foods are directly linked to better memory while some play a vital role in boosting brain power.

Avocados are known for their healthy fats known as omega 6 fatty acids. These healthy fats improve blood flow to the brain and heart. And a healthy blood flow to the brain translates to a healthy brain function.  Avocados also contain vitamin E which is an antioxidant. It protects the brain from any radical damage hence boosting its functionality.

Regular intake of fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel in your diet can also boost your memory. Fish are rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Docosahexaenoic acid is very important for the normal functioning of neurons in the brain.

So, consuming lots of fish and sea food can help in enhancing your memory and alertness.

Green leafy vegetables such as kale, collard greens, spinach, and broccoli are good sources of vitamin E and folate. Folate is responsible for lowering levels of an amino acid known as homocysteine in the blood. High levels of homocysteine might trigger the death of nerve cells in the brain. So, vegetables intake ensures a healthy and sharper brain.

Berries like blueberries and strawberries are also good sources of nutrients that may help put the brakes on age-related cognitive decline. These fruits help to get rid of toxic proteins associated with age related memory loss. And increasing the amount of these fruits in your diet can help keep your mind sharp as you age.

Whole grain foods also play a significant role in lowering risks of mild cognitive impairments. Further, these foods are rich in carbohydrates which are the main source of energy. And when energy levels in the body increases, it also improves both memory and concentration.

Other foods that can help boost your brain power include chocolate, oranges and eggs.

According to a number of studies done, including of all these foods in your diet is essential to increasing brain activity and reducing brain fog.